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Why loose leaf tea?

If you haven’t got many chances to enjoy proper loose leaf tea, you are likely missing out truly good quality tea. Tea bags from grocery stores are usually inferior in quality, using only lower quality remnants of whole tea leaves. Plain tea bags usually do not contain loose tea leaves (some do but not many), which make a huge difference in the resulting infusion. The unique taste of a tea comes from the chemicals and oils contained in tealeaves. When the leave is broken up, which is usually done in a plain tea bag, these chemicals are often evaporated in the process, leaving the resulting tea infusion tasteless.

The cramped space of a tea bag does not allow good water circulation. To get the true taste of a tea, one must allow the tealeaves to swell, expand and unfold. The limited space of a tea bag will often trap the taste of a tea.

Therefore, we believe proper loose tea leaves are the best format to appreciate tea. Looking at the beautiful full leaves extends in the cup, you know that you are having something genuine and handled carefully.

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