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Premium Chinese tea, direct from the growers


You probably know a good tea when you taste it. But when you’re holding a box of ‘finest oolong’ in your hand, how can you really tell if it’s any good?

At Pinchajii, our aim is to demystify the tea buying process by only sourcing the very best teas at the best prices. We visit the farms, talk to the growers and taste the brews ourselves – before packing them carefully and bringing them back to Australia.

It’s all so that when you pick up a box of our premium Chinese tea, you can be confident of its quality.

Where does most of our tea come from?


With impeccable production and food safety standards, Taiwan (known in Portugese as Formosa, the “beautiful isle”) is renown for making some of the finest, aromatic high-mountain teas in the world.

It’s all thanks to the climate. With ample sunshine, constant temperatures and abundant rainfall, Taiwan’s position on the Tropic of Cancer makes it the ideal spot to grow tea.

It’s here, amongst the privately owned tea farms and boutique wholesalers, that we find delicious premium quality loose leaf that we believe is worth introducing to lovers of Chinese tea.

Interested in trying our tea?


To browse our selection of premium Chinese tea, why not visit our online tea shop?