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Our Mission

Introducing authentic Chinese Tea to Australia


Tea drinking is more popular now than it has been. But there’s much about Chinese tea that still remains a mystery. There’s the sheer variety for one thing. And the culture that goes with it.

At Pinchajii, our mission is to:

Bring you authentic, premium Chinese tea


Finding premium Chinese tea in Australia can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve gone to our trusted sources, tried and tested endless different brews and only brought back teas that we believe true tea lovers will enjoy. At Pinchajii, you can be confident that the teas you buy are authentic – and delicious.

Make it easy for anybody to enjoy premium Chinese tea in Australia

Using loose leaf tea is the best way to enjoy the flavours and fragrance of Chinese tea. It’s no more time consuming than using a tea bag either. To make the experience as easy as possible, we’ve included a measuring scoop and instructions on all our packs. Our tea cup comes with an integrated, easy-to-clean strainer too, so you can guarantee the perfect cup of Chinese tea each and every time.

Share the Chinese tea-drinking culture


Drinking Chinese tea is a cultural experience. That’s why we’ve integrated elements of the Chinese culture into the design of our packaging and products.


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