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Oriental Beauty tea

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Also known as Formosa Oolong, Oriental Beauty is a gourmet tea with a distinctive sweet taste and a royal history. Often imitated, genuine Oriental Beauty tea leaves are only produced in Taiwan (where it’s considered a national treasure).

Interesting facts

  • Only the top two tender leaves and white-tipped buds are hand picked for oriental beauty tea
  • The name Oriental Beauty was first used by Queen Victoria to describe its stunning taste and appearance. She drank it out of a crystal glass, which is probably why it has also been described non-alcoholic champagne
  • Whether you ‘go royal’ or drink yours from a cup, there’s no disputing Oriental Beauty’s premium position in world of tea
  • Our tea comes from Hsinchu County in Taiwan, where the tea originated

On the tongue
Sweet, with a hint of honey

On the nose
A light floral aroma

Try this tea if you love
Medium roasted oolong, subtle floral aromas, a sweet smooth taste, the flavour of honey

Whether you are searching for oriental beauty or formosa oolong tea, these premium tea leaves are the ones for you.

Net: 30g
(Serve Suggestion: 3g per serve; approx. 10 serves per pack)
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