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Pinchajii wins the "red dot award: communication design 2013"



Pinchajii Tea House has been awarded with the Red Dot, one of the world’s most sought-after quality marks for excellence in communication design.

The core value behind Pinchajii Tea House is simplicity and authenticity, that’s also what we want to convey through our packaging.

Chinese teas are often considered deeply mysterious. We are here to simplify the efforts to have authentic and tasteful tea.  It’s all about fine tea, high quality water, and the right brewing method. For each of our tea, a general guideline is given to get you started. A paper tea scoop is also enclosed in each pack for you to measure tea amount. Soon you will know how to steep to your personal taste.

Oriental culture and modern application both inspire our design concept. With an aim to highlight the characteristics of Taiwanese tea among the oriental teas, this packaging design achieves a moderate balance between high and low profile. It combines the Chinese character “Pin” from the name of the tea house, Pinchajii, with a Chinese lattice design, which is also complemented by the English transcription “Pinchajii”. The packaging design uses a minimum of print and colour, while the use of recycled paper material represents the spirit of environmental protection.

 We hope our design showcases the brand’s attitude through a subtle, modest, and convincing way- Real, simple, and not overwhelming. Just like the teas inside.

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