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About Pinchajii

Pinchajii- your boutique online Chinese tea shop in Melbourne

Three generations of passion for Chinese tea


Based in Melbourne, we’re a young Australian tea company with one simple aim – to introduce authentic premium quality Chinese tea to Australians. Along the way, we hope to share a little of our passion for Chinese tea drinking culture too.


Our name - Pinchajii


In Chinese, the character Pin (品) is made up of three mouths (口) and means ‘appreciation’. (So Pin Cha means quite literally ‘appreciation of tea’.) But for our company it also symbolizes three generations worth of knowledge and passion for Chinese tea.

Our story


Our family’s tea story began about 100 years ago with Tuan Zu Li. Tuan Zu was a tenant tea farmer and successful businessman who played a large part in helping to put Taiwan’s boutique tea industry on the map.

He believed so strongly in the quality of his tea that he campaigned for its export throughout his life. But he also believed in the values of sharing and honesty. And it’s those values that Pinchajii is based on today.

How we choose our tea


Because of our strong connection with growers, we can guarantee the quality and value of our loose leaf tea in a way that many of our competitors cannot. We also have our own certified tea masters who have more than 30 years’ experience testing and selecting some of the best oolong and green teas money can buy, and bring these teas to Melbourne while they are fresh! 

To learn more about our teas, visit our online tea shop


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